3 Generations Serving Our Country | Fort Sill, Ok | Becky Moen Photography

On Friday, March 18, 2017 our oldest graduated with honors from Boot Camp at Fort Sill, OK. I couldn’t be more proud! Not only did she graduate the top 10% of her class but her platoon also graduated with honors. I have spent the last couple weeks trying to find the right words for this post but honestly there aren’t any. I am beyond words. For years my daughter has expressed her desire to join the service and she has made me and her family so proud with all she has accomplished these last few months.

Before saying our final goodbyes on graduation day, we wanted to take some family photos with our soldier. Sunsets in Oklahoma are absolutely beautiful and the field across from Geronimo’s grave made fore the perfect back drop.


Joining us for this special day was her grandfather who retired from the Air Force as Master Sargent after serving 24 years and her Uncle who will be retiring later this year from the Air Force as Technical Sargent.


I have to give a huge thank you to my brother in law for being my human tripod so we could get one family photo together.

And of course I can not forget my brother in law with his kids and their grandpa.

The night before my daughter left for basic training, I took a photo of my girls together and of course they wanted to take the same photo again on her special day.

Oh and my absolute favorite of my girls as they said their final goodbye


I’m going to close with my favorite photo. We are so incredibly proud of our daughter and can’t wait for her to come home.

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Sisterly Love | Family Portaits | Becky Moen Photography

Impromptu photoshoot with these 3 beautiful ladies. Once again weather man was wrong and we got some unexpected snow and it made for a perfect excuse to go out and play. Needless to say it was a tad bit cold in mid 30 degree weather. Girls were troopers and rocked their shoot. The frozen horseshoe shaped pond made the perfect backdrop.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

After our session I asked the girls to pick out their favorites.
Right off the bat, this was in instant favorite for all 3 of them.
Big sister looking annoyed as little sisters are grinning ear to ear.

Sisterly love without a doubt is undeniable with these 3 and it shows.

Last but not least, a couple individual portraits to complete our day out.


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Boys will be Boys | Plymouth MN | Becky Moen Photography

First there were 2, now there are 3. I have had the pleasure of watching these little guys grow up. I met the two oldest 5 years ago when they were just wee little ones. Each year these little guys sure have a way of making me smile.

A couple of years ago, while at Minnehaha Falls, these two big brothers started an annual tradition of walking with each other down a path together blabbing about about what ever it is brothers talk about. Last year when it came time to take that leisurely stroll with their little brother, they did so pulling him along in their wagon on their grandpa’s farm. A year later no wagon was needed as they took a stroll through Cliffon Regional Park in Plymouth, MN. I love this!


I love how these little guys interact with one another.


So what do you do when you find a teepee on on the trail? Play in it of course.


and who doesn’t love climbing a rock? I’ll admit it wasn’t easy keeping them still. Luckily momma was a wonderful help.


Rain decided to start coming down again while these little guys were enjoying themselves. On our way back to the parking lot though they decided it was time to play in the leaves which was as cute as can be. Who do you think came up the most dirt?


There is no doubt this little one stole the show on our session. How can so much personality be wrapped up into one little adorable person?





I may be a little bais but these guys melt my heart cuz they are so cute!






Rohan | Class of 2017 | Elk River High School

I have been anxiously waiting to share photos from Rohan’s senior session at Bunker Hills Regional Park in Blaine, MN. I had the pleasure of meeting this handsome young man and his family the day I arrived in Minnesota just over 4 years ago. Time sure has flown by fast.

First up are some of my favorites.

© Becky Moen Photography

© Becky Moen Photography

Can’t have a bunch of formal photos without including some of the fun ones. Posting them individually won’t do this series justice so slide show it is but not before sharing my favorite.

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Our season is unusually warm this year, not that I am complaining by any means. Short sleeve shirt, capri pants and wishing I wore my flip flops for our session just 9 days into fall, yes please. Getting attacked by mosquitoes as we headed back, well that wasn’t any fun and something I could have done without. LOL Should have brought my deet not that it would have helped much since mosquitoes in MN love me entirely too much. Needless to say, I had a blast the whole session and am looking forward to the next one which will be focused around music.

Minnesota Fall Colors | Becky Moen Photography

Fall in Minnesota without a doubt comes with lots of gorgeous colors as the leaves on the trees explode with color. Every year I can’t help but to be in aw as I watch the trees go from green to bright yellow and red. Growing up in California, fall didn’t come with much change with the exception of Northern California when the vineyards would change their colors in October during the crush. Of course I am partial to Napa Valley but that is a story better saved for another day.

Although I have only lived in MN for just over 4 yrs, I find myself taking for granted the wonderful seasons we have here so this year my goal is to try and capture some of the beauty. Right across the street from work (my full time day job) I drive by the Blaine Preserve Science and Natural Area (SNA). Didn’t know till I took the photo below that this beautiful open space actually had a name thank you to Google Maps. Recently I signed up to be a Google Local Guide which has proven to have its perks. About a wk after the first day of fall I stopped on my lunch break to take a photo of the trees as they started to explode with color.

Blaine Preserve Scientific and Natural Area © Becky Moen Photography
Blaine Preserve Scientific and Natural Area
© Becky Moen Photography

In just one month this area has changed dramatically despite our unusually warm record breaking weather. I plan to get out there again in the next few day to take another photo to continue my 12 month series which I am very anxious to complete though I am sure once the temps drop below freezing I won’t be too happy LOL

I have always said that if you blink you will miss fall. Luckily 2 wks after I took the photo in Blaine, I had an opportunity to visit Clifton French Region Park in Plymouth, MN when the trees were so bright and colorful it only to proved the brightest colors come from nature.

At the start of the path I got my first glimpse of the beautiful trees.

© Becky Moen Photography
Clifton French Regional Park
© Becky Moen Photography

As I left the park I took one last look back at the trees. The yellow and green leaves were so bright and beautiful.


© Becky Moen Photography
Clifton French Regional Park
© Becky Moen Photography

This fall has been busier than usual complete with a senior session with one incredible young man that I have had the pleasure of meeting the day I moved to MN and a family I who has grown close to my heart over the last 5 yrs. Two long overdue posts coming soon.

Miss Kayla | Class of 2016 | Blaine High School | Part 3

Saved the best for last though its long over due. For her final session, Kayla’s Great Uncle’s was all too happy to let us borrow his 1966 Impala for her Rockabilly session in Linwood Township. Nothing better than having amazing May weather as everything is green as can be and the sky is filled with beautiful clouds. It couldn’t have been more perfect.

By far this one is my absolute favorite.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

We had so much fun and it was way too hard to pick my favorites.

© Becky Moen Photography
© Becky Moen Photography

Her Great Uncle brought props for her shoot which were beyond perfect.

And this face LOL

Can you tell how much she loves this car? We had so much fun!


Goonies Road Trip | Cannon Beach & Astoria | Oregon

For those of us who grew up in the 80s, many of us remember the Goonies. Phrases like “Goonies never say die!”, “Down here is our time. It’s our time, down here!” and “Boodie Traps” are all it takes to bring us right back to the Goondocks and One Eyed Willie.

A couple weeks ago, my husband and I made a trip out west and took a road trip over to Cannon Beach and Astoria, Oregon with my dad. Up until then, I had no idea one day I’d get to visit some of the places where one of my favorite movies as a kid was filmed.

In typical Oregon Coast fashion, or so I am told, it began raining as we crossed the bridge into Astoria.  At first glance, this coastal town reminded me of Marin County in the North Bay Area of California.


About 40 Minutes south from Astoria is Cannon Beach. At the start of the Goonies movie the car chase ends on the beach and later as the Goonies begin their search for One Eye Willie’s Treasure by lining up the two large rocks in the medallion found in the Goondocks attic. I only lasted about 10 minute on the beach before the wild wind and drizzle left me nearly soaked. The wind was so strong it blew wet sand across the coast.


On the way back to Astoria, Google Maps gave us directions back to the Goonies House. The only access is by foot with several signs long the neighborhood streets directing visitors to the Goondocks, the name of the house were the brothers lived. Standing in front of the house you can hear the seals barking down in the East Mooring Basin. The white Queen Anne-style house sits at 368 38th St on a tiny one way road at the edge of the cliff.



After taking the time to recall scenes from the movie, take photos of the house, noticing the Goondocks sign on the side of the house, my dad and I took a cell-phone selfie, the first photo together in over 8yrs.



Want to take a Goonies Road trip? Check out this great article.

Placebo @ Mill City Nights in Minneapolis, MN

A much long overdue post I will admit. On October 17 I got to see one of my favorite bands play at Mill City Nights in Minneapolis with my husband and brother-in-law. This by far ranks as one of my top 5 best shows I have been to of all time. Such a great night. These guys knew how to put on a show and did not disappoint.

Set list was awesome. Mix of the new with the old. All songs are linked to the videos so enjoy.

  1. Encore:

Placebo-00105 Placebo-00109 Placebo-00119

Of all the photos taken that night this one by far is my favorite. There is something about the spotlight and the all black background that I love.


Placebo-00120 Placebo-00132 Placebo-00138

Familia | Bunker Hills Regional Park, Blaine, MN

Fall in MN is here and gone in a blink of an eye. Unlike the gradual transition I am used to seeing in CA, our fall season in MN tends to only last just a couple of days. Bunker Hills Regional Park is gorgeous year around but I must say that fall by far is the most beautiful as all the trees are changing colors.

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting Bunker Hills for a family session. I must say, there was so much adorable cuteness.

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White Sand Beach and the Emerald Coast

Growing up in Southern California I loved spending time at the beach and playing in the ocean every summer. While I have always thought the Pacific Coast was beautiful nothing compares to the white sand and emerald coast of Pensacola Beach, Florida. My family took a vacation down to my husband’s home town this summer and I couldn’t help but to fall in love. By far this is one of my favorite shots taken on our trip and one we are planning on hanging in our living room.

Pensacola Beach, FL
Pensacola Beach, FL