Siblings: Keayana + Keaton | Santa Rosa, CA {Becka Lynn Photography}

Precious little Keayana just turned 5 months old when we got together with her bother Keaton for their session in downtown Santa Rosa, CA. I am always amazed how much little ones grow up and change in such a short time. Last time I saw Keayana she was just 11 days old and now look at her, she is a perfect little doll ♥

eSession: Jamie + Vern | Bodega Bay, CA {Becka Lynn Photography}

Super fun eSession with Jamie + Vern. It was an absolute blast despite the weather being difficult. The coast was cold and windy but we managed to find a perfect spot. Only took us an hour driving up and down the coast LOL Can’t wait for the wedding. If its anything like our day, the wedding day is going to go down in the record books under extreme fun.

♥ Instant favorite ♥

Jamie and Vern brought their two dogs with them for their session. I swear there was no staging here. These two were just too cute.

Oh how I miss the California

I can’t wait to see these two (four) in a few months when I am back in California for their wedding.

Family | Harris Beach State Beach, Brookings, OR {Becka Lynn Photography}

I have been anxiously waiting to share photos from a VERY SPECIAL session I did up at Harris Beach in Oregon.

The week before I moved from California to Minnesota I got a chance to spend several days camping with my 3 girls and a very good friend of mine and her two kids. I have NEVER been camping before so the whole experience was way cool and we all had a blast.

We spent the day driving up to Harris Beach to go camping which is just a hop skip away from the Oregon/California state line. The weather was absolutely gorgeous!!! One our last day we finally took a break and got a chance to take family photos down one of the paths that headed from our camp site to the beach. Let me just say that I was in photographer’s heaven. Here are a few of my favorites.

Oh my gosh, a boy and his stick took on new meaning. He found this stick within a few minutes after arriving at our camp site and it never left his side.

I love her beautiful smile

My Birthday Girl | Elk River, MN {Becka Lynn Photography}

Days like today I can’t get over how quickly my girls are growing up. It seems like it was just yesterday my precious little girl came into this world as perfect as can be full of spunk and a whole lot of attitude.

This morning we took advantage of the natural backdrop of our yard to take her birthday photos. I still have yet to really explore this area so it was fun wondering around watching my girl explore and play.

This is my daughter’s favorite photo from our time together today.

And this is my favorite. We are having a little debate trying to decide which one is going on the wall.

Our place is surrounded by all sorts of gorgeous greenery. I love how tenderly my girl explored the plants and flowers. Notice her nails?

And how can you not love a tire swing? I know as I kid I always wanted one so its way cool my girls have one to play on. Doesn’t she look so happy?