Sweet Ella | Blaine Child Photographer {Becka Lynn Photography}

I had so much fun hanging out with Sweet Little Ella this afternoon. So much personality wrapped up into such a tiny little person is just too cute! It was still a tad bit cool out and the snow had turned to slush but the warm sun was a welcome treat.

Exploring the neighborhood | Blaine, MN {Becka Lynn Photography}

Its been 9 months since I left the North Bay Area of California for the North Metro Area of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Its been a long cold winter so I’ll admit I have spent most of my time indoors with the exception of those few times we went ice fishing. Needless to say, there is really nothing to prepare a person for the winters here in Minnesota but I am glad my girls have adjusted well and are enjoying all the snow. It wont be long before all the snow is gone and the rain will turn everything green.

Now that we are a week into Spring, the snow is finally starting to melt away as the temperatures begin to warm up a bit. Its so weird to say that being in the upper 30s to mid 40s feels warm to me. Yesterday I had the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the sun and go exploring AKA location scouting. My little model had a blast and couldn’t help but to laugh when the snow was so deep I found myself practically sitting in the snow when I would squat to get the shot.

Growing Up | Petaluma, Ca {Becka Lynn Photography}

A little over a week ago I made a quick trip back to Northern California and had a chance to meet up with a dear friend for a mini session over in one of my favorite locations, Old Downtown Petaluma.

It was a little over 3 years ago when we first met for family photos. Although over the years we have stayed in close touch and developed a friendship, one thing or another has prevented us from getting together again for family photos, be it schedule conflicts, illness or my moving to Minnesota. Luckily Becka Lynn Photography has a way of bringing back to NorCal quite often and this time our schedules worked out so we were able to FINALLY have another session together.

One of the best parts of my job is seeing families grow and change. As I was looking through the photos from 3 years ago, I am amazed how much these two have grown up.

Gone Ice Fishing | Minnesota {Becka Lynn Photography}

So what does one do in the middle of winter here in Minnesota? Go Ice Fishing of course! Needless to say winters here in MN are far different than what we are used to in California and snow is a whole new beast I NEVER experienced before moving to MN. Seeing all the cars/trucks and ice house out on the middle of a lake while driving on it so cool and weird all at the same time. The first time we went out was right before a storm arrived so the snow was blowing on the ice.

Unfortunately our first time out on the ice it was a bit TOO CHILLY for me so I sat in the comfort of the warm truck or car while the girls played out on the ice.

By the end of our first trip however it was just too cold so we all sat in the truck while the poles hung out on the ice

Since my oldest was off a camp when we went out the first time, we went out again. Taking advantage of all the snow on the lake the girls made snow angels.

Weather was so much nicer the second time out. Not exactly the most exciting sport.

When it gets really boring then its time to relax.

Probably the  funniest part of this trip was my car got stuck in the snow. Now how many people can say they got their car stuck in the snow on the lake?

I hope everyone is having fun this winter.

It wont be long before Spring is finally here!!!