Mother Nature and her children | Blaine, MN Photographer

Its that time of year birds are nesting and babies are hatching. Oh how I love the Spring Time. After the winter we had this year, I have grown to appreciate my favorite season that much more. A few weeks ago, while watering the garden in the front yard, I found myself stop to pause to watch the birds enjoying the bird bath and the new set of birds who were visiting the bird feeder my fiancé build the weekend before.

It didn’t take me long to notice new sounds coming from our tree where I discovered a momma and her 4 babies. I spend most of the evening coming out to watch them from afar as momma would take off to fetch food or a drink of water. At one point the 3 little ones I could see in the nest began to remind me of my own daughters, each with their own unique personality. One who had to be in the spot light, the other keep watch over the other siblings and one just staying off to the side chilling. I could have watched them all day long but momma was very protective of her babies, understandably so as I am of my own babies.


Right before leaving to go up north for the weekend it was clear the little ones were getting ready for their first flight. Babies were already spotted in the back yard and across the street with their momma’s close by encouraging them on. I said goodbye to the little bird family right before leaving out of town and wasn’t too surprised to find an empty nest upon our return. Luckily I managed to capture a few photos of them before they few away.


Surprise Birthday Weekend | Lake Superior, MN | Becka Lynn Photography

Who doesn’t love surprises? I know I do. Even better when its a last minute spur of the moment trip to Lake Superior for my birthday weekend. What more can I say other than I am one very lucky lady who is loved by an incredible guy who decided to spring on a special surprise weekend trip with our kids to someplace I have never been.

Despite the fog, the view from our room was spectacular and over looked Lake Superior. I found it a little funny how looking down one direction totally reminded me of a scene from one of the Twilight movies.


I would have loved to see the lake without all the fog of course. Still the view from our deck was beautiful.


It’s not always feasible to travel with my camera gear as much as I would like so I often find myself relying on my phone and my obsession with Instagram to capture those special moments in life I don’t want to forget. Part of the fun is sharing fun photos with friends and family through Instagram while away from a computer.

Of course I couldn’t forget to take a photo of our room.


On our way home we did a little sight seeing and my girl’s favorite stop was at Gooseberry Falls. We had passed it on the way up and so of course were very excited when we made the turn to stop to see the falls.


Now how can you NOT get a smashed penny? We have been trying to get one at every stop these days to add to our collection. It was something I did as a child and am so glad to share in that tradition with my girls.


And finally my favorite stop was at this little shop I had heard so much about this last year. If you are ever looking to buy anything natural, good for you type stuff this is the place to find it.


I wish I would have brought my camera and taken more photos. With so much to see and do I will honestly say I got caught up with the family and am glad I forgot to take more photos because I was enjoying my time with those I love. I know we will be returning again and again and I for one am looking forward to it.