Snow and Ice Cream | Blaine Child Photographer

I didn’t get much objection when I gave my birthday girl an ice cream cone in the middle of the day and told her “lets go play outside cuz its snowing” She was puzzled to say the least and the other kids were a bit jealous but I couldn’t help myself. All day long it had been snow drizzling. Not much after I mentioned how I wished we would get big snow flakes did Mother Nature grant my wish so I scrambled to gather up my gear, my Valentine and of course a very pink ice cream cone.


I have been anxiously waiting to play outside since I had seen a photo online a few weeks ago taken when the snow was falling. It didn’t take long to realize it was a tad bit colder than we thought.


Not that my little birthday girl was complaining much. After all she had ice cream in her hand.



Granted she was a bit cold and made sure to let me know how much after I asked her to take a bite LOL

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Frozen Mississippi River | Champlin, MN

Yesterday on my way to work I was asked to make a stop in Champlin, MN. As I crossed the Mississippi River both times I couldn’t help but to notice how beautiful it looked. Honestly I had thought my eyes were playing tricks on me as I thought to myself there is no way it could really be frozen and covered in snow. Up till now I have only ever seen the Mississippi River with a heavy current, gorgeous and blue when the temperatures are warmer or with a bit of snow along the banks.

With the extreme cold we have been having this winter I am not surprised everything is frozen, including the mighty Mississippi. After I got done with work I couldn’t help myself and went exploring. Wasn’t out for much longer that maybe 15 min but that was all the time it took to freeze down to the core, so much so that I couldn’t feel my fingers and the camera on my phone decided to boycott the whole adventure all together.

Got some cool shots though and if it ever does warm up here I definitely want to make a trip back down there again. Cell phone photos don’t do this place justice. I am gonna blame my freezing shivering body for the lack of better excuse.

The bridge itself is actually larger than I even knew which makes the Mississippi River look that much wider once you are down at the banks.


Closer you get to the bridge you begin to make out where the river banks start



I needed to see for myself that it was in fact frozen.





Looking back from under the bridge you can get a good shot how magnificent this whole place really is. I can’t wait to come back again.