Goonies Road Trip | Cannon Beach & Astoria | Oregon

For those of us who grew up in the 80s, many of us remember the Goonies. Phrases like “Goonies never say die!”, “Down here is our time. It’s our time, down here!” and “Boodie Traps” are all it takes to bring us right back to the Goondocks and One Eyed Willie.

A couple weeks ago, my husband and I made a trip out west and took a road trip over to Cannon Beach and Astoria, Oregon with my dad. Up until then, I had no idea one day I’d get to visit some of the places where one of my favorite movies as a kid was filmed.

In typical Oregon Coast fashion, or so I am told, it began raining as we crossed the bridge into Astoria.  At first glance, this coastal town reminded me of Marin County in the North Bay Area of California.


About 40 Minutes south from Astoria is Cannon Beach. At the start of the Goonies movie the car chase ends on the beach and later as the Goonies begin their search for One Eye Willie’s Treasure by lining up the two large rocks in the medallion found in the Goondocks attic. I only lasted about 10 minute on the beach before the wild wind and drizzle left me nearly soaked. The wind was so strong it blew wet sand across the coast.


On the way back to Astoria, Google Maps gave us directions back to the Goonies House. The only access is by foot with several signs long the neighborhood streets directing visitors to the Goondocks, the name of the house were the brothers lived. Standing in front of the house you can hear the seals barking down in the East Mooring Basin. The white Queen Anne-style house sits at 368 38th St on a tiny one way road at the edge of the cliff.



After taking the time to recall scenes from the movie, take photos of the house, noticing the Goondocks sign on the side of the house, my dad and I took a cell-phone selfie, the first photo together in over 8yrs.



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