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On Friday, March 18, 2017 our oldest graduated with honors from Boot Camp at Fort Sill, OK. I couldn’t be more proud! Not only did she graduate the top 10% of her class but her platoon also graduated with honors. I have spent the last couple weeks trying to find the right words for this post but honestly there aren’t any. I am beyond words. For years my daughter has expressed her desire to join the service and she has made me and her family so proud with all she has accomplished these last few months.

Before saying our final goodbyes on graduation day, we wanted to take some family photos with our soldier. Sunsets in Oklahoma are absolutely beautiful and the field across from Geronimo’s grave made fore the perfect back drop.


Joining us for this special day was her grandfather who retired from the Air Force as Master Sargent after serving 24 years and her Uncle who will be retiring later this year from the Air Force as Technical Sargent.


I have to give a huge thank you to my brother in law for being my human tripod so we could get one family photo together.

And of course I can not forget my brother in law with his kids and their grandpa.

The night before my daughter left for basic training, I took a photo of my girls together and of course they wanted to take the same photo again on her special day.

Oh and my absolute favorite of my girls as they said their final goodbye


I’m going to close with my favorite photo. We are so incredibly proud of our daughter and can’t wait for her to come home.

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