Growing Up: Part 2 | Blaine Child Photographer

Best birthday gift ever was the birth of my daughter. She has been a spit fire since before she was born and hasn’t stopped since. Always on the run and this year she asked for anything that she could play with outside. How cool is that? I love how much personality and unique each of my daughter are.

A couple months ago my girl got her first pair of glasses. When it came time to pick out her glasses she picked these because they were just like dad’

I love how her personality really showed through in the outtakes.

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Growing Up: Part 1 | Blaine Child-Teen Photographer | Becky Moen Photography

Its amazing how quickly children grow up. I have been blessed with 3 beautiful and awesome daughters. They have taught me so much over the last decade and a half. I have learned to love unconditionally from the first second they came into my life and they have given me courage to do things I might not have been able to do otherwise. My girls are my life.

I have heard children will change your life forever. I can say with a warm heart that is so very true. If you don’t take the time to pause to just sit back to watch and listen to what they are doing you will miss out on some of the funniest and silliest stuff they do.

Over the weekend the weather decided to cooperate long enough to take my girls out for a mini session. Its been almost 2 years since I updated the photos on my wall and long overdue. As a photographer let me tell you it can be quite difficult picking photos for yourself when there are so many cute ones to choose from for various reasons. I can’t help it, I love the shots that show off their personality just as much as I love the others that in my humble opinion are simply perfect.

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Day trip to Lake Superior

The winter here in Minnesota has been crazy cold this year. We have had days on end with temps well below zero, some days never getting out of the negative temps. Its been pure insanity. As a result the great lakes are all frozen, the most its ever been in a few decades.

Finally the weather has warmed up a bit. Crazy to say it but having temps in the 40s felt absolutely wonderful. I have been anxious to check out the frozen lake so we took a day trip up to Duluth, MN. It was a ton a fun. Wind was a little bit cold.

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On our way back we stopped at the Museum by the lift bridge and the girls had a blast checking out all the cool stuff and the history. Right before heading home we finally got a chance to walk on the lake itself and my two youngest could help but to run and play on the ice.

Snow and Ice Cream | Blaine Child Photographer

I didn’t get much objection when I gave my birthday girl an ice cream cone in the middle of the day and told her “lets go play outside cuz its snowing” She was puzzled to say the least and the other kids were a bit jealous but I couldn’t help myself. All day long it had been snow drizzling. Not much after I mentioned how I wished we would get big snow flakes did Mother Nature grant my wish so I scrambled to gather up my gear, my Valentine and of course a very pink ice cream cone.


I have been anxiously waiting to play outside since I had seen a photo online a few weeks ago taken when the snow was falling. It didn’t take long to realize it was a tad bit colder than we thought.


Not that my little birthday girl was complaining much. After all she had ice cream in her hand.



Granted she was a bit cold and made sure to let me know how much after I asked her to take a bite LOL

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Frozen Mississippi River | Champlin, MN

Yesterday on my way to work I was asked to make a stop in Champlin, MN. As I crossed the Mississippi River both times I couldn’t help but to notice how beautiful it looked. Honestly I had thought my eyes were playing tricks on me as I thought to myself there is no way it could really be frozen and covered in snow. Up till now I have only ever seen the Mississippi River with a heavy current, gorgeous and blue when the temperatures are warmer or with a bit of snow along the banks.

With the extreme cold we have been having this winter I am not surprised everything is frozen, including the mighty Mississippi. After I got done with work I couldn’t help myself and went exploring. Wasn’t out for much longer that maybe 15 min but that was all the time it took to freeze down to the core, so much so that I couldn’t feel my fingers and the camera on my phone decided to boycott the whole adventure all together.

Got some cool shots though and if it ever does warm up here I definitely want to make a trip back down there again. Cell phone photos don’t do this place justice. I am gonna blame my freezing shivering body for the lack of better excuse.

The bridge itself is actually larger than I even knew which makes the Mississippi River look that much wider once you are down at the banks.


Closer you get to the bridge you begin to make out where the river banks start



I needed to see for myself that it was in fact frozen.





Looking back from under the bridge you can get a good shot how magnificent this whole place really is. I can’t wait to come back again.



Napa Valley and Robert Mondovi Winery | Becky Moen Photography

♥ LOVE  ♥ I have always loved the drive through the Napa Valley. Growing up it was something I looked forward to every summer when my family would come up to visit and then again every July when I make a trip over the mountain for my birthday.

When my best friend came out from Minnesota for a visit, we made a trip out to the Napa Valley for lunch in St. Helena at my favorite Deli right in the heart of downtown, a place I grew up with and LOVE!!! Driving down from St. Helena to Napa my Best Friend and I stopped on the side of the road where she found this heart. This was just the start of an amazing 3 days she was here to visit and much too short of time together.


While my Best Friend was visiting for the weekend we did a lot of low cost yet typical NorCal type stuff. Even though I lived there for over 7 years and traveled or lived in the Wine Country my whole life, I have never gone a tour of a winery. We decided to tour Robert Mondovi Winery in the beautiful Napa Valley since its one of my favorites.

Best time to visit would definitely be in October. During the crush you can see the process of making wine from the time the grapes are growing on the vines through to the end result. We started out tour in the vineyards and even got to taste some of the grapes.


Inside the winery we got a topside view of the grapes in the crush.


One of the stops was the room filled with barrels waiting to be filled with red wine.


My instinct took this shot without giving it much thought other than how I would love to have this framed in my office. At the end of the tour I saw this same shot on sale for $178. Pretty cool huh? One day I will get this one framed in my house. For now its my wall paper background on my computer and phone.


At the end of our tour we got to taste two red and one white wine along with a tasty treat.



My love for the Pacific Coast | Becky Moen Photography

I have found myself day dreaming about the Pacific Coast for the last week or so. Not sure what has triggered my day dreaming but I gotta admit that all this snow and endless cold has got me feeling a little homesick. If you are at all keeping up with the news weather, you have heard about the insanity we have going on out here. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Minnesota, snow and all.

A few days ago a dream I had reminded me of my first trip back to California after I moved to Minnesota in July 2012. I had come back to Northern California for a wedding at the end of September.

It felt good to be someplace familiar. I was “home” and I made it a point to stop to see the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco.

Sadly I had missed the sunset and of course San Francisco offered up all the fog it is famous for. Nevertheless the Golden Gate bridge was gorgeous.


Of course I couldn’t wait to hear the waves crash and feel the sand on my toes so I stopped at one of my favorite beaches down by Fort Kronkite aka Rodeo Cove down in the Marin Headlands.


I got so caught up in the moment texting my husband to tell him how happy I was to be at the beach that the waves hit me and I was soaked. I had thought the surfers were crazy to be out in the water until I realized the water was actually warmer than the air and I found myself playing in the waves until the sun went down.


A few months later I was lucky enough to make another trip out to Northern California, only this time my oldest daughter was with me. By this time Minnesota was covered by a thick blanket of snow. California on the other hand was green and warm by comparison. Luckily this time out the sky was clear blue and I squealed with excitement the moment I saw the ocean.


The weather was absolutely perfect. I could have spent hours on the beach if I didn’t have to run off for a photoshoot in Petaluma, Ca

A few days later we made another trip to the coast. It was too cold and windy to play outside so we drove up to Bodega Head.


A week before leaving California for good, my girls and I took a trip up to Harris State Beach in Brookings, OR to go camping with one of my very best friends and her two kids. At the time I had no idea I would be saying good bye to the Pacific Coast for good a week after getting back from our trip.

I had never seen the Pacific Coast from Oregon so this particular trip as a new adventure for myself as well as my girls.


After setting up our tents my girls and I took another trip down to the beach to watch the sun set.



While gathering images for this blog post I came across a few of my favorites from a trip to the Bath Houses in San Francisco. One of my favorite images came from that day and is currently my wall paper on my phone.


Overlooking the bath house ruins at sunset made for a romantic setting.


Right before leaving the heavens poured down on the ocean.


New Year, New Name | Becky Moen Photography

Over the last year and a half there have been a lot of changes, beginning with a move across country from Northern California to Minneapolis, Minnesota. Now that things have started to settle down I have a chance to focus on my love of photography.

A lot of great things have happened over the last year, with the best one happening this last November when I married my best friend. As I get started on this new journey I made the simple yet difficult decision to change my business name from Becka Lynn Photography to Becky Moen Photography. Since the time I first started my business, it has always been a dream to use my own name. Circumstances prevented that from happening at that time so since I need to rebuild my name from the ground up here in Minnesota I see the perfect opportunity to make the switch.

Its still going to take some time to get everything all set up so please keep an eye out for the new website. In the mean time I plan to update my blog regularly. Winter is in full swing around here. Everything is covered in snow as we got another 4 inches this morning. Luckily the cold has given us a break for the time being.

Alkaline Trio @ First Ave in Minneapolis, MN

I’m sure most of you wont even know what I am talking about. It’s ok. I promise not to hold it against you.

A couple nights ago I got a chance to see Alkaline Trio at The First Ave & 7th St Entry in Minneapolis with my hubby, his brother and our two oldest kids. Its been years since I have been to a concert and sadly I felt it the next morning. Definitely not as young as I used to be but I sure had a blast. Makes me miss the old days hanging out in Hollywood.

Alkaline Trio totally rocked the place and put on an awesome show.


Blaine High School Marching Band {2013}

Aren’t they a great looking bunch? I know I think so. Last month I got a chance to photograph the marching band right before they left for their last performance. Unfortunately it was raining out so our plans to get a photo out on the field had to be replaced with indoors.

My oldest has been playing the flute since the 4th grade and recently found out she will be section leader for flutes and clarinets for the Blaine High School Marching band in 2014. Exciting stuff!!! What can I say, I’m one very proud band mom.