Snow and Ice Cream | Blaine Child Photographer

I didn’t get much objection when I gave my birthday girl an ice cream cone in the middle of the day and told her “lets go play outside cuz its snowing” She was puzzled to say the least and the other kids were a bit jealous but I couldn’t help myself. All day long it had been snow drizzling. Not much after I mentioned how I wished we would get big snow flakes did Mother Nature grant my wish so I scrambled to gather up my gear, my Valentine and of course a very pink ice cream cone.


I have been anxiously waiting to play outside since I had seen a photo online a few weeks ago taken when the snow was falling. It didn’t take long to realize it was a tad bit colder than we thought.


Not that my little birthday girl was complaining much. After all she had ice cream in her hand.



Granted she was a bit cold and made sure to let me know how much after I asked her to take a bite LOL

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New Year, New Name | Becky Moen Photography

Over the last year and a half there have been a lot of changes, beginning with a move across country from Northern California to Minneapolis, Minnesota. Now that things have started to settle down I have a chance to focus on my love of photography.

A lot of great things have happened over the last year, with the best one happening this last November when I married my best friend. As I get started on this new journey I made the simple yet difficult decision to change my business name from Becka Lynn Photography to Becky Moen Photography. Since the time I first started my business, it has always been a dream to use my own name. Circumstances prevented that from happening at that time so since I need to rebuild my name from the ground up here in Minnesota I see the perfect opportunity to make the switch.

Its still going to take some time to get everything all set up so please keep an eye out for the new website. In the mean time I plan to update my blog regularly. Winter is in full swing around here. Everything is covered in snow as we got another 4 inches this morning. Luckily the cold has given us a break for the time being.

Back to School | Blaine Teen Photographer | Becka Lynn Photography

Few more weeks till we start a new school year around here. Today Blaine High School students got to go pick up their new class schedules and take their ID photos. Believe it or not I am so excited.

Of course this means everyone, my kids included, is trying to fit in all the last minute sleep overs and hang outs with friends. Today I thought it would be fun to snap a few photos of my oldest over by the water treatment building by our house.


I have passed by this building every day for the last year and always thought it would make a great place for a shoot though unconventional. Part of the fun is seeing the potential it various unique spaces. Today is a good example of doing just that.

Mother Nature and her children | Blaine, MN Photographer

Its that time of year birds are nesting and babies are hatching. Oh how I love the Spring Time. After the winter we had this year, I have grown to appreciate my favorite season that much more. A few weeks ago, while watering the garden in the front yard, I found myself stop to pause to watch the birds enjoying the bird bath and the new set of birds who were visiting the bird feeder my fiancé build the weekend before.

It didn’t take me long to notice new sounds coming from our tree where I discovered a momma and her 4 babies. I spend most of the evening coming out to watch them from afar as momma would take off to fetch food or a drink of water. At one point the 3 little ones I could see in the nest began to remind me of my own daughters, each with their own unique personality. One who had to be in the spot light, the other keep watch over the other siblings and one just staying off to the side chilling. I could have watched them all day long but momma was very protective of her babies, understandably so as I am of my own babies.


Right before leaving to go up north for the weekend it was clear the little ones were getting ready for their first flight. Babies were already spotted in the back yard and across the street with their momma’s close by encouraging them on. I said goodbye to the little bird family right before leaving out of town and wasn’t too surprised to find an empty nest upon our return. Luckily I managed to capture a few photos of them before they few away.