Family | Harris Beach State Beach, Brookings, OR {Becka Lynn Photography}

I have been anxiously waiting to share photos from a VERY SPECIAL session I did up at Harris Beach in Oregon.

The week before I moved from California to Minnesota I got a chance to spend several days camping with my 3 girls and a very good friend of mine and her two kids. I have NEVER been camping before so the whole experience was way cool and we all had a blast.

We spent the day driving up to Harris Beach to go camping which is just a hop skip away from the Oregon/California state line. The weather was absolutely gorgeous!!! One our last day we finally took a break and got a chance to take family photos down one of the paths that headed from our camp site to the beach. Let me just say that I was in photographer’s heaven. Here are a few of my favorites.

Oh my gosh, a boy and his stick took on new meaning. He found this stick within a few minutes after arriving at our camp site and it never left his side.

I love her beautiful smile