Placebo @ Mill City Nights in Minneapolis, MN

A much long overdue post I will admit. On October 17 I got to see one of my favorite bands play at Mill City Nights in Minneapolis with my husband and brother-in-law. This by far ranks as one of my top 5 best shows I have been to of all time. Such a great night. These guys knew how to put on a show and did not disappoint.

Set list was awesome. Mix of the new with the old. All songs are linked to the videos so enjoy.

  1. Encore:

Placebo-00105 Placebo-00109 Placebo-00119

Of all the photos taken that night this one by far is my favorite. There is something about the spotlight and the all black background that I love.


Placebo-00120 Placebo-00132 Placebo-00138

Alkaline Trio @ First Ave in Minneapolis, MN

I’m sure most of you wont even know what I am talking about. It’s ok. I promise not to hold it against you.

A couple nights ago I got a chance to see Alkaline Trio at The First Ave & 7th St Entry in Minneapolis with my hubby, his brother and our two oldest kids. Its been years since I have been to a concert and sadly I felt it the next morning. Definitely not as young as I used to be but I sure had a blast. Makes me miss the old days hanging out in Hollywood.

Alkaline Trio totally rocked the place and put on an awesome show.


Visiting Minnehaha Falls | Minneapolis, MN {Becka Lynn Photography}

A couple of weeks ago I took a short winter trip to Minnesota. One more season and I will have experienced them all. When I planned my visit this time around I had expected to experience the extreme cold that my dear friends talk about but instead Mother Nature had other plans this year and it was unusually warm. It was however 0 degrees when I arrived which to my surprise I was warm enough in all the layers this Cali girl could put together. Despite Accuweather saying no snow, I woke up to the lovely white stuff falling Monday morning. This California girl has never really seen snow fall so you can imagine my excitement. Mother Nature delivered just in time 😉

On my final day in town I took a trip down to see the frozen Minnehaha Falls. Probably one of the coolest frozen acts of nature I have ever seen in my life.

Surprisingly my model for the afternoon was a bit colder than I was. I love her brightly colored coat and scarf with the frozen falls in the background.

I couldn’t visit the falls without getting a photo of myself so here you go. I can’t wait to go back again once it warms up.