My Girl | Blaine Child Photographer {Becka Lynn Photography}

I find it funny how my girls still get excited when I say its time to take photos. Considering we do this at least 3 times a year, I’d think they would get tired of me putting a camera in their face but luckily that is not the case.

Now that we are getting settled into our new home, its time to update the photos for the walls. Its still a few months away till our summer/end of year photos but my girl insisted she get in on the fun and I got a wall worthy photo right off the top.

Exploring the neighborhood | Blaine, MN {Becka Lynn Photography}

Its been 9 months since I left the North Bay Area of California for the North Metro Area of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Its been a long cold winter so I’ll admit I have spent most of my time indoors with the exception of those few times we went ice fishing. Needless to say, there is really nothing to prepare a person for the winters here in Minnesota but I am glad my girls have adjusted well and are enjoying all the snow. It wont be long before all the snow is gone and the rain will turn everything green.

Now that we are a week into Spring, the snow is finally starting to melt away as the temperatures begin to warm up a bit. Its so weird to say that being in the upper 30s to mid 40s feels warm to me. Yesterday I had the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the sun and go exploring AKA location scouting. My little model had a blast and couldn’t help but to laugh when the snow was so deep I found myself practically sitting in the snow when I would squat to get the shot.

Visiting Minnesota | Pierz, MN {Becka Lynn Photography}

A little over a month after moving to Minnesota, I had our first visitors from California and got to spend an awesome day out on a real farm about 2 hrs away from me.
I can’t get over how much these two adorable little  boys have grown!!


Also got some adorable photos of their two cousins ♥

Taken just a couple weeks after E had eye surgery.

My Birthday Girl | Elk River, MN {Becka Lynn Photography}

Days like today I can’t get over how quickly my girls are growing up. It seems like it was just yesterday my precious little girl came into this world as perfect as can be full of spunk and a whole lot of attitude.

This morning we took advantage of the natural backdrop of our yard to take her birthday photos. I still have yet to really explore this area so it was fun wondering around watching my girl explore and play.

This is my daughter’s favorite photo from our time together today.

And this is my favorite. We are having a little debate trying to decide which one is going on the wall.

Our place is surrounded by all sorts of gorgeous greenery. I love how tenderly my girl explored the plants and flowers. Notice her nails?

And how can you not love a tire swing? I know as I kid I always wanted one so its way cool my girls have one to play on. Doesn’t she look so happy?