Boys will be Boys | Plymouth MN | Becky Moen Photography

First there were 2, now there are 3. I have had the pleasure of watching these little guys grow up. I met the two oldest 5 years ago when they were just wee little ones. Each year these little guys sure have a way of making me smile.

A couple of years ago, while at Minnehaha Falls, these two big brothers started an annual tradition of walking with each other down a path together blabbing about about what ever it is brothers talk about. Last year when it came time to take that leisurely stroll with their little brother, they did so pulling him along in their wagon on their grandpa’s farm. A year later no wagon was needed as they took a stroll through Cliffon Regional Park in Plymouth, MN. I love this!


I love how these little guys interact with one another.


So what do you do when you find a teepee on on the trail? Play in it of course.


and who doesn’t love climbing a rock? I’ll admit it wasn’t easy keeping them still. Luckily momma was a wonderful help.


Rain decided to start coming down again while these little guys were enjoying themselves. On our way back to the parking lot though they decided it was time to play in the leaves which was as cute as can be. Who do you think came up the most dirt?


There is no doubt this little one stole the show on our session. How can so much personality be wrapped up into one little adorable person?





I may be a little bais but these guys melt my heart cuz they are so cute!






Minnesota Fall Colors | Becky Moen Photography

Fall in Minnesota without a doubt comes with lots of gorgeous colors as the leaves on the trees explode with color. Every year I can’t help but to be in aw as I watch the trees go from green to bright yellow and red. Growing up in California, fall didn’t come with much change with the exception of Northern California when the vineyards would change their colors in October during the crush. Of course I am partial to Napa Valley but that is a story better saved for another day.

Although I have only lived in MN for just over 4 yrs, I find myself taking for granted the wonderful seasons we have here so this year my goal is to try and capture some of the beauty. Right across the street from work (my full time day job) I drive by the Blaine Preserve Science and Natural Area (SNA). Didn’t know till I took the photo below that this beautiful open space actually had a name thank you to Google Maps. Recently I signed up to be a Google Local Guide which has proven to have its perks. About a wk after the first day of fall I stopped on my lunch break to take a photo of the trees as they started to explode with color.

Blaine Preserve Scientific and Natural Area © Becky Moen Photography
Blaine Preserve Scientific and Natural Area
© Becky Moen Photography

In just one month this area has changed dramatically despite our unusually warm record breaking weather. I plan to get out there again in the next few day to take another photo to continue my 12 month series which I am very anxious to complete though I am sure once the temps drop below freezing I won’t be too happy LOL

I have always said that if you blink you will miss fall. Luckily 2 wks after I took the photo in Blaine, I had an opportunity to visit Clifton French Region Park in Plymouth, MN when the trees were so bright and colorful it only to proved the brightest colors come from nature.

At the start of the path I got my first glimpse of the beautiful trees.

© Becky Moen Photography
Clifton French Regional Park
© Becky Moen Photography

As I left the park I took one last look back at the trees. The yellow and green leaves were so bright and beautiful.


© Becky Moen Photography
Clifton French Regional Park
© Becky Moen Photography

This fall has been busier than usual complete with a senior session with one incredible young man that I have had the pleasure of meeting the day I moved to MN and a family I who has grown close to my heart over the last 5 yrs. Two long overdue posts coming soon.

Railroad Tracks & Back Roads | Plymouth, MN | Becka Lynn Photography

What better place for a session that a place that speaks all boy. Momma did a little exploring and found two great locations for their photos session. Over the last 2 years I have had the pleasure of photographing these two adorable little guys several times and I can’t get over how much they have grown up in such a short amount of time.

I first met them back in December 2011 for a family photo session at Michel Schlumberger winery in Sonoma County, California. Over the years I have become very good friends with the family and I am so very excited they have recently decided to come out to Minnesota. I gotta admit its the best feeling having a little bit of home (a part of my life in California) now so close to me here in Minnesota.

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Life’s a Journey | Plymouth, Minnesota | Becka Lynn Photography

“Life’s a journey, but sometimes you should stop and smell the rocks.”

I fell in love with this image the moment I saw it. It actually reminded me of those images you see all over FB with a quote attached to it. I asked his momma to give me a quote and this is what she said.